Since the beginning of July, Medina Lake Fire Rescue has put an Active Rescue vessel into service on Medina Lake itself. The apparatus designated as “Marine 1” was formerly a US Coast Guard TPSB Guardian security and rescue craft. MLVFD obtained the mil-spec vessel through a GSA surplus program, and after many volunteer hours and financial donations by the firefighters themselves, the vessel has been put into service.

Several firefighters have already been certified by MLVFD through a US Coast Guard approved Small Boat Rescue Operations program, and the balance of the team is currently in process to achieve their certification.

Since July 1st, Marine 1 has been engaged in more than 15 active operations ranging from search and rescue (SAR) to assisting the public. Public assistance has included life safety transport (11 people after their vessel sank), vessel grounding, swimmers in distress and emergency towing for a disabled boat with small children aboard. Cash donations have generously been made by some of those assisted by Marine 1 to the department, allowing the firefighters to continue serving our community.