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The Medina Lake Volunteer Fire Department officially began on October 16, 1961. On that date, a group of 42 concerned citizens met at the North Medina Lake Methodist Church to try and establish a volunteer fire department. By April 1962, the first fire truck was purchased. On July 13, 1962, the department responded to its first fire. On August 11, 1962, pouring of the slab that would be the first station began. In September of 1962 the first of many fundraising BBQ’s were held. By October of 1962 a second fire truck was purchased, and the finishing touches on the building were completed. In 1964 the department responded to 34 fires. In the 1980’s, plans were made and carried out to build a new larger station, as the original building was no longer big enough to hold all the trucks, nor was sufficient space available to hold the every growing fundraising BBQ’s. From the late 1990’s to the present, aggressive efforts were undertaken to upgrade equipment and fire trucks to better enhance the effectiveness of fire and rescue operations in step with new training standards and SOP’s (standard operating procedures).

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